Florida Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

About FAPD

Our Mission

To provide community, advocacy, and resources for the pediatric dentists in Florida so that we can provide optimal care for infants, children, adolescents, and persons with special health care needs.

Our Vision

A group of pediatric dentists who are passionate, engaged and are supported by peers, healthcare professionals and community as the authority for pediatric oral health.


Past FADP Presidents

‘23-‘24 Yoshita Patel Hosking
‘22-‘23 Casey Lynn
‘21-‘22 Matt Bright
‘20-‘21 Alexandra Jensen
‘19-‘20 Keren Castellucci
‘18-‘19 Flavio Soares
‘17-‘18 Michael Roseff
‘16-‘17 Manav Malik
‘15-‘16 Eric Berry
‘14-‘15 Julie Russo
‘13-‘14 Nick White
‘12-‘13 Gary Meyers
‘11-‘12 Reza Ardalan


‘10-‘11 Reza Ardalan
‘09-‘10 Natalie Carr
‘08-‘09 Howard Schneider
‘08-‘07 Paul Werner
‘05-‘06 John Bazos
‘04-‘05 Mubashir Chaudhry
‘03-‘04 Kenneth Rogers
‘02-‘03 Leigh Ann McIlwain
’00-‘01Timothy Glomb
‘99-‘00 Charlie Bertot
‘98-‘99 Gene Whitehead
‘97-‘98 Steve Cochran
‘95-‘97 Dan Barnes


Additional Past Presidents,Tom Floyd, Ray Klein, Barry Setzer, David Ressell, Mike Stratton, Jim McIlwain


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