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Domestic Violence

Originally Recorded Tuesday Nov 8th, 2022

Video Modified and additional content added. Review Date (expiration date) March 1, 2026

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Course Catalog

Jacqueline A Meredith, LMHC*

Jackie Meredith has been serving the St. Johns County community in a variety of social services positions for over 20 years. She is a licensed mental health counselor who serves as the Sexual Assault Program Coordinator for the Betty Griffin Center where she also manages the sexual assault program and Rape Care Unit.  Jackie works with survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence within the context of domestic violence through both individual counseling and/or support groups. In addition to her role with the Betty Griffin Center, Jackie has also been recognized by the judicial system as an expert witness for both domestic violence and sexual assault. She conducts trainings and community awareness presentations on domestic violence and sexual assault to various agencies, schools, and organizations. Jackie earned her master’s degree in Counseling at Webster University and is a certified Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate.  Jackie is also certified in the Safe and Together Program, assisting families who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and are navigating involvement with the child welfare system. 

Course Description

Domestic violence touches an unimaginable number of people’s lives every day, so much so that it is hard to believe we are just now really talking about it and understanding its dynamics and multitude of ways that it impacts today’s society.  In the past, Domestic violence was a topic for behind closed doors or a topic that should never be mentioned out loud. As the 21st century crept upon us, technology became more mainstream and social media more widespread. Increases in information sharing have allowed us to see more and more cases of domestic violence, whether high-profile celebrities or local people in our own communities.  As a society, we are also learning that violence from our intimate partner is not okay, and that the perpetrator does not have to fit a certain stereotype to be an “abuser”.  An abuser can be anyone, there is no specific socioeconomic level, race, ethnicity, age group, profession or even gender.  Though statistically there are more reported cases of women being victimized by domestic violence than men it is known that there are also female abusers. Further, domestic violence occurs in many kinds of relationships such as teen dating, adult dating, elderly dating, heterosexual, homosexual and all other variations of interpersonal relationships. Domestic violence also goes far beyond physical violence and stems from an intense need for power and control.

As healthcare providers it is important for us to understand what domestic violence actually is, how to identify its dynamics and how it can impact the people who are experiencing it.  It is also important to learn how to recognize dynamics of domestic violence among your patients and/or staff members. Abuse in any form is not ok and we can all do our part to help even if only by making people aware that there are resources available to assist people in abusive relationships.  Our domestic violence training will focus on educating professionals about the dynamics of domestic violence, how it intersects with sexual assault and human trafficking, reactions from victims and the trauma they experience, how domestic violence can impact your practice, prevention – how to be a part of the solution, and where to find state and local resources.  

Course Objectives

  1. Definition of domestic violence and how it affects our communities
  2. Different kinds of domestic violence
  3. How domestic violence intersects with sexual assault and human trafficking
  4. Trauma from domestic violence and what victim’s experience
  5. How to help victims of domestic violence

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